Remodeling Guide for your Baby Room

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Have you discovered the sex of the baby or do you want it to be a surprise? One of the greatest parts about preparing for a new baby in the household is preparing the nursery. With so many possible choices, it can be overwhelming to pick. Professional handyman services in Phoenix can help create the perfect environment for baby to be happy and comfortable.

Themes and Styles

Ducks, turtles, birds, trucks, and zoo animals are all wonderful ideas for a baby’s room. Picking a theme is a lot easier when you know if you are having a girl or boy but if you are holding out for a surprise then you may also want to consider more unisex, sophisticated looks like a graceful vintage style. A different approach is creating an elegant and trendy room using white furniture and chandelier lighting, or a cultural influence like old world French color and art. Handyman services in Phoenix will help bring any design to life.


Throughout the years, many parents have painted baby’s room a gender-geared color like pink for girls and blue for boys. Throw tradition out the window and consider other colors that can be equally tranquil and comforting. Light jade green, dove grey, canary yellow, and even contrasting combinations of light colors will give an equally peaceful look to a nursery while creating visual interest.

Room to Grow

Babies grow up and need different things during their many phases of childhood. Choose furniture that can be easily expanded, and think of how the original design can be updated as the child grows and their personalities develop. Remember that larger beds will eventually be needed and the design will need to evolve.

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