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Phoenix landscaping can be a challenge due to the extreme dryness and high temperatures. Homeowners hire landscaping experts to turn their yards into works of art. Giorgio’s Home Improvement provides a great example of a desert landscaping design.

Giorgio’s client wanted to redesign their front yard. Sick and tired of having a drought-damaged lawn during the hot summer months they opted for low maintenance gravel landscaping.  Giorgio worked closely with his client to give them the exact look they wanted, in this case something artistic but classic.

In this first image you can see Giorgio’s decorative design for his clients’ front yard. He uses the gravel to create an intricate pathway that is very inviting to a visitors eye. Notice how Giorgio used a plastic tarp before adding the gravel so that weeds won’t sprout up.

Desert Landscaping








The following photo is a picture of Giorgio’s landscaping when his project was completed.  Giorgio added about 3 inches of gravel onto the pathway. For his final touch his client wanted him to include the white picket fence which you can see on the right hand side.

Phoenix Landscaping Design

This picket fence is traditional, made out of wood and painted white. For the next couple days neighbors would stop by and admire Giorgio’s handiwork.

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About Giorgio’s Home Improvement

Giorgio Satta is an award -winning Sardinian artist, who grew up surrounded by the beauty of Rome. He has been using his talents to transform homes and businesses both in Italy and the Valley of the Sun for the past 15 years. With his wife, Sherry and daughter, Susanna, he moved to Phoenix 7 years ago and distinguished himself with his skills, versatility, price and reliability. His home improvement/handyman service has attracted a large clientèle, who often repeat with new projects and recommend him to friends, thanks to his dedicated, helpful approach and talents. Read more

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