How to Choose Interior Paint Colors

Looking at the beautiful array of paint colors at the local home improvement store can be overwhelming. Choosing the perfect paint color does not have to be a frustrating experience if a few factors are considered beforehand, and professional handyman services in Scottsdale will have any home painted perfectly without delay.

Consider the Room

Paint colors should be tailored to the room in question. A living room may have a much different theme than a bathroom, and the larger space may work beautifully with dark or airy colors, depending upon the structure of the home. Furniture, draperies, flooring and accent pieces should all be considered when selecting paint colors, as should the desired feeling of the room. Peaceful colors such as muted earth tones, pastels, or neutrals could be exactly what a bedroom needs, but a kitchen can generally handle more drama and detail.

The Right Themes

If the room has a motif or theme, the selected paint colors should coordinate well with the chronology and style of the theme. For example, electric blue would be out of place in a room designed around European decor, such as old French or rustic Italian inspired rooms. Choose paint colors appropriate for the region and architecture reflected in the design. Your handyman services in Scottsdale can provide more guidance on this topic.

Consider the Inhabitants

Paint color selection should incorporate the personality of the room’s users. A child’s room would have a far different color palette than would a formal dining room to be used to serve guests. A single gentleman’s home is likely to be completely different in color than one inhabited by a family or a senior couple. Bring in favorite colors for accent walls.

Your handyman services in Scottsdale can provide advice on choosing paint colors that bring personality and class to any home. Contact Giorgio today for a review of your project!

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