Home Maintenance Checklist

The stifling heat of the Phoenix summer has begun to fade as fall has arrived. This is the perfect time of year for outside activities, chores, and enjoying the weather. Before winter, there are some maintenance tasks that all homeowners should complete. The following checklist is a basic guide for homeowners or their trusted Phoenix handyman.

Home Improvements PhoenixExterior:

1. Seal the shell. Typical problem areas are cracks in the foundation or gaps where wiring or venting enter the home. Any cracks or gaps in the exterior should be sealed off using caulk or the appropriate masonry products to prevent heat loss and rodent entry. Clean and repaint properly if peeling or blistering paint is noticed.

2. Check the roof. Look for visibly broken tiles or shingles, but consider consulting a qualified roofing professional to provide a thorough inspection. Checking the attic or crawl space for signs of water leakage is another way to see if a roof problem exists.

3. Clear gutters and remove any debris that may restrict drainage and cause damage to the roof or attic. Ensure that water is draining away from the foundation by testing gutters and drain spouts using the gentle flow of a garden hose.

4. Check and replace any deteriorated weatherstripping to eliminate energy loss.

5. Reseed the lawn and repair any dead patches resulting from the blaze of summer.


1. Prepare and service heating and cooling systems. The worst time to find out that the furnace is not functioning is when it is needed. Replace all filters regularly to keep the system running at its peak efficiency, and contact an HVAC professional for system maintenance, inspection, and duct cleaning.

2. Test smoke and CO2 detectors. Replace batteries twice yearly without fail. For hardwired detectors, press the test button to ensure that the alarm is in working order.

3. Prepare fireplaces by having the chimney and flues cleaned and checked by a qualified Phoenix handyman or trained chimney specialist.

4. Block drafts. Wall switches, outlets, vents and utility wires are all points where energy can escape. Use outlet insulation and caulk as appropriate to seal leaks. Make sure that weatherstripping around doors and windows is intact.

Fall is a wonderful time in Arizona, and attending to some basic tasks now can help homeowners save money on energy as well as keeping their home safe. Consult a qualified Phoenix handyman for more information and assistance.