Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Have you discovered the sex of the baby or do you want it to be a surprise? One of the greatest parts about preparing for a new baby in the household is preparing the nursery. With so many possible choices, it can be overwhelming to pick. Professional handyman services in Phoenix can help create the perfect environment for baby to be happy and comfortable.

Themes and Styles

Ducks, turtles, birds, trucks, and zoo animals are all wonderful ideas for a baby’s room. Picking a theme is a lot easier when you know if you are having a girl or boy but if you are holding out for a surprise then you may also want to consider more unisex, sophisticated looks like a graceful vintage style. A different approach is creating an elegant and trendy room using white furniture and chandelier lighting, or a cultural influence like old world French color and art. Handyman services in Phoenix will help bring any design to life.


Throughout the years, many parents have painted baby’s room a gender-geared color like pink for girls and blue for boys. Throw tradition out the window and consider other colors that can be equally tranquil and comforting. Light jade green, dove grey, canary yellow, and even contrasting combinations of light colors will give an equally peaceful look to a nursery while creating visual interest.

Room to Grow

Babies grow up and need different things during their many phases of childhood. Choose furniture that can be easily expanded, and think of how the original design can be updated as the child grows and their personalities develop. Remember that larger beds will eventually be needed and the design will need to evolve.

Call Giorgio for professional handyman services in Phoenix and plan the perfect baby’s room remodel today. Efficient, expert work is guaranteed with Giorgio.


The bathrooms in a home are often taken for granted and thought of only as functional, but a well equipped and comfortable bathroom can make a world of difference to the occupants. Here are a few reasons to contact your Phoenix home improvement specialist today to discuss a full bathroom renovation.

Expand Storage Space

A bathroom lacking cabinet space or poorly arranged means a struggle storing linens, toiletries, supplies, and beauty products, plus an unsightly mess. Even a small lavatory could have capacity for all of these items if it is efficiently designed, using every available inch of the room. Custom cabinetry, use of overhead space and corners, and even incorporating storage into the space between wall joists can expand storage space significantly with creative construction techniques. Don’t suffer from small bathroom syndrome any longer than necessary!

Improve Comfort

In a region full of cookie-cutter housing developments, not every household member’s needs may be accounted for with regard to bathroom design. A remodel may incorporate a comfort height toilet for taller family members, a dual sink to accommodate multiple people, better ventilation, more space to function, and the addition of robe hooks and accessories that put comfort items within easy reach.

Create Paradise

Your Phoenix home improvement specialist can make dreams reality in a bathroom space. Large luxury bathtubs, showerheads designed to induce pure relaxation, gorgeous tile and the perfect lighting concept will transform a basic and functional restroom into a peaceful paradise where family members can escape the stresses of the day. Create a theme, choose a motif or select an array of colors to make this room the new favorite in the home.

A complete bathroom remodel adds financial, aesthetic, and comfort value to any home.  Contact Giorgio, your Phoenix home improvement specialist today for help creating the bathroom of your dreams!


Looking at the beautiful array of paint colors at the local home improvement store can be overwhelming. Choosing the perfect paint color does not have to be a frustrating experience if a few factors are considered beforehand, and professional handyman services in Scottsdale will have any home painted perfectly without delay.

Consider the Room

Paint colors should be tailored to the room in question. A living room may have a much different theme than a bathroom, and the larger space may work beautifully with dark or airy colors, depending upon the structure of the home. Furniture, draperies, flooring and accent pieces should all be considered when selecting paint colors, as should the desired feeling of the room. Peaceful colors such as muted earth tones, pastels, or neutrals could be exactly what a bedroom needs, but a kitchen can generally handle more drama and detail.

The Right Themes

If the room has a motif or theme, the selected paint colors should coordinate well with the chronology and style of the theme. For example, electric blue would be out of place in a room designed around European decor, such as old French or rustic Italian inspired rooms. Choose paint colors appropriate for the region and architecture reflected in the design. Your handyman services in Scottsdale can provide more guidance on this topic.

Consider the Inhabitants

Paint color selection should incorporate the personality of the room’s users. A child’s room would have a far different color palette than would a formal dining room to be used to serve guests. A single gentleman’s home is likely to be completely different in color than one inhabited by a family or a senior couple. Bring in favorite colors for accent walls.

Your handyman services in Scottsdale can provide advice on choosing paint colors that bring personality and class to any home. Contact Giorgio today for a review of your project!

Phoenix Landscaping Design

Phoenix Landscaping

Phoenix landscaping can be a challenge due to the extreme dryness and high temperatures. Homeowners hire landscaping experts to turn their yards into works of art. Giorgio’s Home Improvement provides a great example of a desert landscaping design.

Giorgio’s client wanted to redesign their front yard. Sick and tired of having a drought-damaged lawn during the hot summer months they opted for low maintenance gravel landscaping.  Giorgio worked closely with his client to give them the exact look they wanted, in this case something artistic but classic.

In this first image you can see Giorgio’s decorative design for his clients’ front yard. He uses the gravel to create an intricate pathway that is very inviting to a visitors eye. Notice how Giorgio used a plastic tarp before adding the gravel so that weeds won’t sprout up.

Desert Landscaping








The following photo is a picture of Giorgio’s landscaping when his project was completed.  Giorgio added about 3 inches of gravel onto the pathway. For his final touch his client wanted him to include the white picket fence which you can see on the right hand side.

Phoenix Landscaping Design

This picket fence is traditional, made out of wood and painted white. For the next couple days neighbors would stop by and admire Giorgio’s handiwork.

Phoenix Handyman

About Giorgio’s Home Improvement

Giorgio Satta is an award -winning Sardinian artist, who grew up surrounded by the beauty of Rome. He has been using his talents to transform homes and businesses both in Italy and the Valley of the Sun for the past 15 years. With his wife, Sherry and daughter, Susanna, he moved to Phoenix 7 years ago and distinguished himself with his skills, versatility, price and reliability. His home improvement/handyman service has attracted a large clientèle, who often repeat with new projects and recommend him to friends, thanks to his dedicated, helpful approach and talents. Read more

Entering a new year full of opportunities is a great time to plan improvements to your home. There are many reasons that 2013 should be the year for you to renovate your home, and here are just a few.

Phoenix Home RenovationsUpgrade

Most people are not currently in a position to afford to buy a more luxurious home, especially since many home loans are now larger than the home’s value. Get the home features you have always wanted with a quality renovation. Replace linoleum or carpet with beautiful tile or hardwood, incorporate a tile backsplash into the kitchen or bathroom, or add archways to create architectural beauty. Handyman services in Phoenix can even install a deck or patio, transforming your backyard into an oasis loved by friends, family and neighbors.

Improve Home Function

Have a bathroom that is just not well designed? Renovate it to make the most of all available space. Double basins or a better cabinetry arrangement can be priceless enhancements. Redesign the kitchen for optimum performance and efficiency, or reorganize your home with custom closets. Making these types of improvements will make life easier and your home more enjoyable with less effort.

Build Equity

While the economy begins to rebound, home values are slowly rising. It may take considerable time for values to return to a point where homeowners can adequately recoup their investment, so while waiting consider how to make the home even more valuable and attractive to eventual buyers. Using handyman services in Phoenix to renovate can help you add the wonderful enhancements that improve curb appeal and boost your eventual return on investment.

Handyman services in Phoenix can help you bring your house into the present and prepare for future economic conditions. Plan your renovations now and help your home reach its full potential!


The Mayans believe that the world will end Dec 21. 2012! If this isn’t the case than you still will have a long to-do list to get ready for the busiest time of the year. Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners can benefit from hiring a handyman service to help them with last minute holiday preparations.

The following are four ways your Phoenix handyman can help you during the holidays.

  1. Lights– Homeowners who haven’t had time to hang all their lights, put up decorations or install wreaths above the door now can enjoy the season stress free with some help from Giorgio’s home Improvements.
  2. To- Do list – Your family is arriving within the week and there are so many last minute things that need to be fixed. You have had this to-do list all year, so to help get everything done in time, hiring some extra help will simplify your holiday to-do list!
  3. Guest Bedroom – The holidays can cause extra stress. If you haven’t had time to fix up your spare bedroom for your family staying with you during the holidays, than hire your local handyman. He can move boxes around, help with storage, fix doors that are squeaky or won’t shut all the way, he can also install fixtures as needed, and repair items in your spare bathroom that haven’t been working properly for years.
  4. New Year’s Resolutions – You have made it to December and have decided that this New Year’s your resolution as a Phoenix Homeowner will be to renovate your home or to tackle a long to-do list. What better way to start 2013 off correctly than to set a goal to improve your home. Whether it’ time for an update, you are thinking about selling or even renting your home, simple home repairs can help.

Your Phoenix Handyman can simplify your life during this busy season. Don’t let the holidays stress you out because of last minute preparations, hire some help to assist with any home repairs. Whether you need lights to be hung, have a long to-do list that needs to be tackled or need to fix up your spare bedroom than remember that Giorgio’s Home Improvement can help!

Phoenix Handyman ServicesThe Holidays are a magical time full of friends, family, love and laughter. Recently, the day after Thanksgiving has become the day that houses are decorated with colorful lights, lanterns and cheerful Christmas decorations. If you haven’t had the time to string your holiday lights, perhaps you could use a little bit of help. Between getting ready for family coming in to town, cleaning the house and cooking, the Holidays can be stressful. This season, check one thing off your to do list by hiring your Valley handyman to put up your holiday lights!

Here is a homeowner’s guide to hiring a handyman to hang your holiday lights and decorations.

  1. Your local handyman will help you find the boxes full of decorations and do all the heavy lifting.
  2. Don’t stress out having to unravel all the lights and replace broken bulbs, your phoenix Handyman will take care of the lights and hang them as you wish.
  3. When the Holidays are over and you are ready to take your lights down, just give your handyman a call and he will come over, take down the lights and store them properly.

With these three simple steps, your Valley handyman will have your holiday lights up before you know it. Get in the Holiday spirit and let your house shine this season; call Giorgio’s Home Improvement now to schedule your appointment.

Fall landscaping is significantly different in Arizona than in most of the country. This time of year brings cooler temperatures after the blazing heat of summer has finally passed, and winters are so mild that most green things flourish throughout these months. Following are some tips for Arizonans or their handyman services to brighten and revive their lackluster landscaping.

Phoenix Landscaping Maintenance Remove Dead Plant Matter

Rake up any dead leaves and debris, remove any plants or shrubs that have met their demise over the hot summer months, and clean between sidewalk cracks to provide a clean palette for fall planting.

Plant Fall Herbs and Vegetable Beds

Vegetable beds that are planted soon will yield their crops in just a couple short months. Basil, oregano, kale, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, chard, green and bulb onions are some of the species that should be considered for planting now.

Plant Spring-Blooming Bulbs and Seeds

Wildflowers, daffodil, amaryllis, tulip, and iris should all be planted without delay for their beauty to be enjoyed in the spring.

Grass Care

Lawn maintenance can be an intimidating endeavor, so don’t be afraid to use handyman services. For existing lawns, cut the lawn with the mower blade at the lowest setting to “scalp” the lawn. Thoroughly rake away the cuttings. For the next step, either distribute a one-step product (seed and fertilizer combo) with a spreader, or lay winter-flourishing rye seed and fertilizer.

To establish a new lawn, till the existing soil and consider having it tested to see if it requires any nutrients to be added. If soil is satisfactory, either use a one-step product or seed and fertilizer. Rake lightly to incorporate the mixture into the soil.

The most important step in either case is to then gently and evenly soak the planted area, 6-8 minutes at a time, 3-4 times per day for a few weeks. Ensure there is no standing water or drainage washing away seed. Reseed any patchy areas after a few weeks.

Check Irrigation

Now is the time to look for leaks, misdirected sprinklers, and the like. Run the system and see if any of the heads or drips need to be realigned, cleaned, or replaced.

Proper fall landscaping can bring out the best in a yard and pave the way for stunning spring color. Consult a home improvement professional or handyman services for expert landscaping advice.

Home Maintenance Checklist

The stifling heat of the Phoenix summer has begun to fade as fall has arrived. This is the perfect time of year for outside activities, chores, and enjoying the weather. Before winter, there are some maintenance tasks that all homeowners should complete. The following checklist is a basic guide for homeowners or their trusted Phoenix handyman.

Home Improvements PhoenixExterior:

1. Seal the shell. Typical problem areas are cracks in the foundation or gaps where wiring or venting enter the home. Any cracks or gaps in the exterior should be sealed off using caulk or the appropriate masonry products to prevent heat loss and rodent entry. Clean and repaint properly if peeling or blistering paint is noticed.

2. Check the roof. Look for visibly broken tiles or shingles, but consider consulting a qualified roofing professional to provide a thorough inspection. Checking the attic or crawl space for signs of water leakage is another way to see if a roof problem exists.

3. Clear gutters and remove any debris that may restrict drainage and cause damage to the roof or attic. Ensure that water is draining away from the foundation by testing gutters and drain spouts using the gentle flow of a garden hose.

4. Check and replace any deteriorated weatherstripping to eliminate energy loss.

5. Reseed the lawn and repair any dead patches resulting from the blaze of summer.


1. Prepare and service heating and cooling systems. The worst time to find out that the furnace is not functioning is when it is needed. Replace all filters regularly to keep the system running at its peak efficiency, and contact an HVAC professional for system maintenance, inspection, and duct cleaning.

2. Test smoke and CO2 detectors. Replace batteries twice yearly without fail. For hardwired detectors, press the test button to ensure that the alarm is in working order.

3. Prepare fireplaces by having the chimney and flues cleaned and checked by a qualified Phoenix handyman or trained chimney specialist.

4. Block drafts. Wall switches, outlets, vents and utility wires are all points where energy can escape. Use outlet insulation and caulk as appropriate to seal leaks. Make sure that weatherstripping around doors and windows is intact.

Fall is a wonderful time in Arizona, and attending to some basic tasks now can help homeowners save money on energy as well as keeping their home safe. Consult a qualified Phoenix handyman for more information and assistance.

4 Reasons Why Your Home Exterior Needs Painting

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when the house’s exterior desperately needs attention. Whether he or she is a do-it-yourself guru or plans to use handyman services in Arizona, here are four major reasons why this task is so important.

Phoenix Home Painting ServicesHome Owner Association Compliance

In Arizona, many communities are under the command of an HOA, or Home Owner’s Association. Many HOAs have strict policies about the condition of homes within their developments. Peeling or chipping paint and general disrepair of a home’s exterior may incite the wrath of the HOA. While this may not make a homeowner tremble in fear, it may be damaging to the household checkbook as many HOA’s will levy fines against non-compliant homeowners, and even file liens against the property if fines go unpaid.

Curb Appeal & Aesthetics

Who doesn’t love the fresh look of a newly painted room? By the same token, fresh paint on a home’s exterior improves the curb appeal, brightens the look of the home, makes it appear cleaner and more well-tended, and presents a warm and inviting first impression. A newly painted house is also a mental boost to a homeowner, who will certainly enjoy the improved look of their abode and boost the aesthetics of the neighborhood as well.

Improve Value

Fresh paint is historically has the best return-on-investment of any home improvement. By simply creating an appealing, clean, fresh look to the home inside and out, a homeowner will likely get higher bids if selling. Regardless of whether the home is on the real estate market, it is best to present the best appearance possible to keep a better neighborhood and retain home values for the future. Even when using handyman services in Arizona to complete an exterior painting job, a homeowner can still experience excellent yield on a relatively small outlay.


Exterior paint is the first line of protection from bugs, weather, and other damage. Without the protective seal of the paint, the surface of the home can be prone to cracking, erosion, permeation by water and the elements, invasion by creatures, mold, and other types of damage. Flaking or chipping paint can store moisture which further deteriorates the surface.

Many reasons exist for refreshing a home’s exterior paint, and these four reasons are just the beginning. Delaying this important task could cost a homeowner in a number of ways.