Arizona Landscaping Tips for Fall

Fall landscaping is significantly different in Arizona than in most of the country. This time of year brings cooler temperatures after the blazing heat of summer has finally passed, and winters are so mild that most green things flourish throughout these months. Following are some tips for Arizonans or their handyman services to brighten and revive their lackluster landscaping.

Phoenix Landscaping Maintenance Remove Dead Plant Matter

Rake up any dead leaves and debris, remove any plants or shrubs that have met their demise over the hot summer months, and clean between sidewalk cracks to provide a clean palette for fall planting.

Plant Fall Herbs and Vegetable Beds

Vegetable beds that are planted soon will yield their crops in just a couple short months. Basil, oregano, kale, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, chard, green and bulb onions are some of the species that should be considered for planting now.

Plant Spring-Blooming Bulbs and Seeds

Wildflowers, daffodil, amaryllis, tulip, and iris should all be planted without delay for their beauty to be enjoyed in the spring.

Grass Care

Lawn maintenance can be an intimidating endeavor, so don’t be afraid to use handyman services. For existing lawns, cut the lawn with the mower blade at the lowest setting to “scalp” the lawn. Thoroughly rake away the cuttings. For the next step, either distribute a one-step product (seed and fertilizer combo) with a spreader, or lay winter-flourishing rye seed and fertilizer.

To establish a new lawn, till the existing soil and consider having it tested to see if it requires any nutrients to be added. If soil is satisfactory, either use a one-step product or seed and fertilizer. Rake lightly to incorporate the mixture into the soil.

The most important step in either case is to then gently and evenly soak the planted area, 6-8 minutes at a time, 3-4 times per day for a few weeks. Ensure there is no standing water or drainage washing away seed. Reseed any patchy areas after a few weeks.

Check Irrigation

Now is the time to look for leaks, misdirected sprinklers, and the like. Run the system and see if any of the heads or drips need to be realigned, cleaned, or replaced.

Proper fall landscaping can bring out the best in a yard and pave the way for stunning spring color. Consult a home improvement professional or handyman services for expert landscaping advice.

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