4 Reasons Why Your Home Exterior Needs Painting

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when the house’s exterior desperately needs attention. Whether he or she is a do-it-yourself guru or plans to use handyman services in Arizona, here are four major reasons why this task is so important.

Phoenix Home Painting ServicesHome Owner Association Compliance

In Arizona, many communities are under the command of an HOA, or Home Owner’s Association. Many HOAs have strict policies about the condition of homes within their developments. Peeling or chipping paint and general disrepair of a home’s exterior may incite the wrath of the HOA. While this may not make a homeowner tremble in fear, it may be damaging to the household checkbook as many HOA’s will levy fines against non-compliant homeowners, and even file liens against the property if fines go unpaid.

Curb Appeal & Aesthetics

Who doesn’t love the fresh look of a newly painted room? By the same token, fresh paint on a home’s exterior improves the curb appeal, brightens the look of the home, makes it appear cleaner and more well-tended, and presents a warm and inviting first impression. A newly painted house is also a mental boost to a homeowner, who will certainly enjoy the improved look of their abode and boost the aesthetics of the neighborhood as well.

Improve Value

Fresh paint is historically has the best return-on-investment of any home improvement. By simply creating an appealing, clean, fresh look to the home inside and out, a homeowner will likely get higher bids if selling. Regardless of whether the home is on the real estate market, it is best to present the best appearance possible to keep a better neighborhood and retain home values for the future. Even when using handyman services in Arizona to complete an exterior painting job, a homeowner can still experience excellent yield on a relatively small outlay.


Exterior paint is the first line of protection from bugs, weather, and other damage. Without the protective seal of the paint, the surface of the home can be prone to cracking, erosion, permeation by water and the elements, invasion by creatures, mold, and other types of damage. Flaking or chipping paint can store moisture which further deteriorates the surface.

Many reasons exist for refreshing a home’s exterior paint, and these four reasons are just the beginning. Delaying this important task could cost a homeowner in a number of ways.