3 Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

The bathrooms in a home are often taken for granted and thought of only as functional, but a well equipped and comfortable bathroom can make a world of difference to the occupants. Here are a few reasons to contact your Phoenix home improvement specialist today to discuss a full bathroom renovation.

Expand Storage Space

A bathroom lacking cabinet space or poorly arranged means a struggle storing linens, toiletries, supplies, and beauty products, plus an unsightly mess. Even a small lavatory could have capacity for all of these items if it is efficiently designed, using every available inch of the room. Custom cabinetry, use of overhead space and corners, and even incorporating storage into the space between wall joists can expand storage space significantly with creative construction techniques. Don’t suffer from small bathroom syndrome any longer than necessary!

Improve Comfort

In a region full of cookie-cutter housing developments, not every household member’s needs may be accounted for with regard to bathroom design. A remodel may incorporate a comfort height toilet for taller family members, a dual sink to accommodate multiple people, better ventilation, more space to function, and the addition of robe hooks and accessories that put comfort items within easy reach.

Create Paradise

Your Phoenix home improvement specialist can make dreams reality in a bathroom space. Large luxury bathtubs, showerheads designed to induce pure relaxation, gorgeous tile and the perfect lighting concept will transform a basic and functional restroom into a peaceful paradise where family members can escape the stresses of the day. Create a theme, choose a motif or select an array of colors to make this room the new favorite in the home.

A complete bathroom remodel adds financial, aesthetic, and comfort value to any home.  Contact Giorgio, your Phoenix home improvement specialist today for help creating the bathroom of your dreams!


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